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Erotyk​/​Ce mortel ennui

by Cata Martinez

Erotyk 02:28
Salivate all over the body, and drink alchemical milk in flesh and tongue. Activate all pointers for tension. Ecstatic bitch reflection fixation. I just wanna make the trembl'n host know that under the skin I'm nothing but void. Tear the mask of incantation. Beast of fiction, my self-elimination. I’m the ghost over the warzone in which you thought you fought. Stroke of youth, I don't need you; I am in myself just enough. i just wanna make the trembl'n host… Eye to eye, I am in extended elation. Pull my skin and shape it like you want. Beast of burden, my self-humiliation. O brother, I just wanted to have some fun, but i'm a woman, low, down, dirty and destroyed. But i miss you, and i miss the joy and price of innocence, but it's not enough for me to want to go back home. I just wanted to have some fun but i'm a girl, and i just don't get enough.
Ce mortel ennui qui me vient quand je suis avec toi. Ce mortel ennui qui me tient et me suis pas à pas. Le jour où j'aurai assez d'estomac et de toi, pour te laisser choir Ce jour-là, oh oui ce jour là, je crois Oui je crois, que je pourrai voir Ce mortel ennui se tailler à l'anglaise loin de moi Bien sûr il n'est rien besoin de dire à l'horizontale Mais on ne trouv' plus rien à se dire à la verticale Alors pour tuer le temps, entre l'amour et l'amour, J'prends l'journal et mon stylo, et je remplis et les a et les o. Il faudra bien que j'me décide un jour, mon amour, A me faire la malle Mais j'ai peur qu'tu n'ailles dans la salle de bains, Tendre la main vers le gardénal Comme je n'veux pas d'ennui avec ma conscience et ton père, j'me laisse faire.


Body Double is a series of double singles by Kid MarsCat, in which she will sing both an original song and a new interpretation of a song by a different artist.

In this edition (Body Double #2), Cata Martinez performs on two songs about femininity, eroticism and desire — the two sides of the coin:

1. "Erotyk", an electro-waltz in 6/4, born from a deep study of the third mystery of the Tarot, doubling as a confession and an objection, feeding from the ideas of Paglia to Lacan, all twisted into a bondage performance of desire and dejection.

2. A cover of Serge Gainsbourg "Ce mortel ennui". KID MARSCAT sez: "Gainsbourg has been one of the bigger influences in my pop music, both in an harmonic and lyrical sense. Here I wanted to take his cynical take on the original and translate it to a more feminine perspective of 'dejection' and 'disappointment.' Although, dare I say, the subject itself remains unequivocally the same…"

We hope you enjoy these songs!

P.S.: Watch "The Last Seduction" (1994).


released January 18, 2021

Music by Cata Martinez.

"Erotyk" written by Kid MarsCat.

"Ce mortel ennui" written by Serge Gainsbourg, re-arranged by Kid MarsCat.


all rights reserved



Mesmerize Records Región Metropolitana, Chile

Mesmerize Records is an independent bedroom label of alternative, experimental and art music.

Founded by underground artist MarsCat, this is an honest and artist–friendly refuge for unknown, talented and starving musicians from around the world.
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