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Neue Romantiker

by Cata Martinez

Fata Morgana 03:29
¿Eres tu Ur o fata morgana? Y en tu luz volveré a ser nada. Y por tu cruz destruiría Maya. ¿Por que me siento tan así cuando me hundo, infinita? Y si me rindiera frente a tí, ¿Me tomarias? ¿Me dejarias este amor terrenal? Vamos a sublimar lo que la piel calla y limita. Y en contraluz volveremos a Saba. Por que me siento tan así Y si me rindiera frente a tí. ¿Me mirarias?
Eliminator 03:06
For what you wish you could speak, you should have remained silent. You say I ponder on too many questions, but what is my mind for? Block it all away or try to eliminate all. If you don't have any answers, just please evade the question. Block it all away or try to eliminate all, but I will stop the heartbeat of the world. Eliminate all — All the lifeforms, and strive for none. I'll live for all or die for. You'll die for nothing at all. Eliminator.
Anti-Life 03:32
Your grand-devoted a cult of nothing; martyrist resolve. This grand illusion, a halo of destruction, a hall of dark mirrors. Your null negation hides a perversion; breaks your mind apart. You're the anti-life, and this lie pumps thru your heart. You're the symbol to this deathspace anti-greed; So are you freed or even alive? O, great $ymbol of the makers, we shall reclaim it, tear your spectre down. My golden heart is aching to break free, so will you reach, or perish in sacrifice? I will unmask the truest nature of your lack of nature, and breathe pure.


"Neue Romantiker" is the second danceprop EP by Chilean pop artist Cata Martinez—an affront to the Enemy, in the war against the impending total destruction of culture and the will of man.

An exploration of more radical horizons of pop music, these songs range from microhouse, martial industrial to hardcore techno, without losing the core pop elements of divine sensuality and raw female anger usually found in Cata's work; while exploring themes such as romantic devotion ("Fata Morgana"), intellectual evasion ("Eliminator") and the philosophical decadence of modern culture ("Anti-Life") from a traditionalist stance.

More overtly political, spiritual and frontally ideological than her debut "3", this new release takes direct inspiration from the great works of poets and philosophers such as Ayn Rand, Ezra Pound, René Guenon, Julius Evola, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Miguel Serrano, presented as a declaration of war and salvation in darkest times.



released January 16, 2018

All songs written and produced by MarsCat as Cata Martinez.
Co-produced by 964 Outsidr (MarsCat).

Huge thanks to Leo Medel and Merced Productora; Javier Carcamo♡, Alejandra Bitran, Felipe Zerán, Cloe Palmer, Dolores Ambrosia, and all my friends on Twitter!

Inspired by Trey Spruance, Sasha Argov, Laibach, Cramped Skunkman, Nina Kraviz, Million Dollar Extreme, Slimecult, Atari Teenage Riot, Michael Mason, Christina Aguilera, Fluland, Paramore, John Maus, Negativland, A Perfect Circle, Cleopatras, KMFDM, Sun City Girls, John Carpenter, Mick Foley, Kid606 and Jun Togawa.

"Neue Romantiker" Photoshoot

Concept: Cata Martinez
Production: Alejandra Rosales
Photography: Pedro Garcia
Art Direction: Julio Lobos + Cata Martinez
Costume Design: Claudio Paredes + Julio Lobos
Makeup: Alexander Inostroza
Assistant Producer: Lou Marino + Constanza Ulloa

2018 — Mesmerize Records + Merced Productora

Thanks to my Patreons supporters and donators: Laura, Matthew Harris, Tamara (TGTams), Thomas Royan, Falz, Mephistopheles, and Vajira Ranaviraja!


all rights reserved



Mesmerize Records Región Metropolitana, Chile

Mesmerize Records is an independent bedroom label of alternative, experimental and art music.

Founded by underground artist MarsCat, this is an honest and artist–friendly refuge for unknown, talented and starving musicians from around the world.
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