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InfoSec of the First World

by MarsCat

Girl, you're making an effort for nothing to add me on Facebook, but my profile doesn't accept people like you. I don't want you in my friendlist. Don't tell shorty that I ignored you, I blocked your profile long ago. Shorty, you're sending me requests for nothing, this rebel blocked you a long time ago. That's just your own damn wish, i don't want you in my friendlist. Don't tell shorty that I ignored you I blocked your profile long ago You'd like to like the status, that I'm posting on Facebook. You should have thought of that earlier, before Lola blocked you. Don't tell shorty that I ignored you I blocked your profile long ago.


Information as a weapon.
Pretense as a weapon.
A mind-content weapon.
A silent weapon for a silent war.

In informational security the beam of light cuts both ways — I/O. You can pray to the satellites, the new Demiurge (same as the old one), and eat straight from the garbage… or tune out of range, towards the number stations; cease to transmit, or freq-hijack with your personal psychic nonsense; cease to function, to emit light for the drone sensors, live in a simulated neo-DarkAge.

The beam of light cuts both ways. You can be the broken cog, the glitched robot, a pile of burning debris closing off the main artery of the superhighway. Clog the pipes with your beautiful white noise, with the sound of your laughter. If content is weaponry, disarm it with your incoherence. Become an idiot for the idiot box, and you will find your virtual Shangri-La.

Simple as u‿u



released March 31, 2020

All music by Kid MarsCat☆.

• InfoSec of the First World
 Arranged for 964 Outsidr
 Original song "Security of the First World" by Public Enemy
• Infowars (Neowestphallian Mix)
 Arranged for Krieger RD
 Additional arrangements by The 9
 Original song "Facebook" by Sateliti.
• A(DA)OZ paradise island LLC
 Arranged for 964 Outsidr
 Drone footage by unknown operators.
• FASat-Bravo
 Arranged for The 9
 Additional arrangements by Little Data

Thank you to Scube for introducing me to Sateliti, best band ever. Thank you Chriddof for being a friend and an influence for the last 10 years. Thank you to my BF for supporting my nonsense. Thank you to Anna for being best friend. And thank YOU for perusing this informational content.


all rights reserved



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Mesmerize Records is an independent bedroom label of alternative, experimental and art music.

Founded by underground artist MarsCat, this is an honest and artist–friendly refuge for unknown, talented and starving musicians from around the world.
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