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Neoteny Sociopath

by 964 Outsidr

1. Thirst. I was sedated, jaded, searching, and you sat at the throne, negated by the thorns and nails in your palms. And for the help that I thought that I sought, you provided me with the cure, market and turf, the tools to dig my grave right next to your own. For if we shared this, thy kingdom, even if our dominion was just blackness, rubble and dust; piles of corpses and bones; We could stand at the top, at the bottom of the top, selling alms to the bugs, provide the capsule salvation from the poisons we sold. We took the pill for the thrill but I never felt satisfied. I was a criminal trapped in your alibi. 2. What was a summer hustle became a spring, winter, and fall, and from your mouth, loud, your sentence interrupted by— the alchemical malpractice that we, prideful, dared to perform, it was the choice: demolish the tower or to die by the rope. Diabolical elimination, from station to station, and I became the exterminating angel, and you became the manifest reflection of degeneration. And in your cell, out of time, there's nothing but your crime. Oh, baby, you just broke your mind. but what did you find? It's all coming back again… We took the pill for the thrill But I never felt satisfied. I was a criminal trapped in your alibi. I never thought that I'd see you plead on your knees and hands. Wouldn't break the confession if you don't admit to the crime. 3. And I'd do it all again. It's turn yourself in, or turn in your grave. Straight up fucked up your mind. I got away with it all, messed up. And now you carry all that weight, and I stand here in witness' grace. For I learned to repent, and you just faded, out, away. I didn't know that you'd break. But if you ask me, I'd do it all again. I took the pill for the thrill But I never felt satisfied. I am a criminal, I am a criminal. I am a criminal, I am a criminal. I am a criminal, I am a criminal. I am a criminal, I am a criminal. I am a criminal, I am a criminal. I am a criminal, I am a criminal.
Wake up, revolver, I put my bullet into you. Open your mouth, girl. You're all loaded up, now shoot that gun. All lovers dead. Velvet, the queen: a revolt against the modern girl. "Sly green eyes, adam's apple, shield, baton and throne." Break me again.
lukewarm on the spectra, sinestra, i've got the weapons and the cavalry to enact it, for my inner, outer, future war, connected. on the lists of roaming-in-the-dark agent drones, let me be the one to cast the first stone, jump back on the tank, we will take the Zone synthetic worms for my tongue, 1995 is never gone from your bones, load a take from my megaton EPROM lemme pull a trick from my blackish book, and make from any brother just another crook, eat from the trash of my praxis and i will make another soldier of god from the backseat of yo skull, epistaxis all over your maxi, punch every motherfucking nazi stasi synthetic worms for my tongue, 1995 is never gone from your bones, every object-desire just a clone man, worm, you're the inter-zone from a man into a worm, you're back to your home in the ground you were born, you're manifest interzone memory childhood never resolve, mystery six coming right from your guts but your sin can't absolve the curse of your sword you love to fear what you love what you fuck sex-doll facade, simulacra of pulse, pumping your veins to contract and convulse synthetic worms of my tongue, 1995 is never gone from your bones, boy with a gun, drink the mercury grail from a man into a worm
I've been doing this from the first Light (the first One) eternally. And the seers of the order observe the observance of the observant so carefully. But it's not enough for one to become One with the Second Son of the Third Ghost of triangular ecstasy. For I see what the seers chose to let me be, and make me see, from Zero to Infinity. But it's not enough for one (O!) to become one with the Sun. I'll do what I'm told, to rise above illusions of (Redacted). I'll take it all, the good and the bad, the sublime for the most sublime, at any cost. And the Nothingness, absence of presence of the causal essential shall smile for thee. And the wisdom of Saints will provide you pieces of the Glorious Grail, and will guide your will.


  "tha symbol-packed alchemist brings you tha fucking graal☆"

 "Neoteny Sociopath" is the first pop EP by otherwise experimental hyper-electronic music producer 964 Outsidr. Featuring pop singer Cata Martinez in four of the five songs featured here, this release is a criminal confession in the form of a short thesis, touching on death, violence and salvation. The music ranges from dark grime beats, big beat rap music, and dark ambient to instrumental hyperjazz, industrial rock and low-res devotional pop.

 1. First there​ is had the true matter.
 2. In the second, bodies are dissolved into argent vive…
 3. …and into mercury is made one new body.
 4. In the fourth, the putrefaction is had, and it is called Sulphur.
 5. In the fifth​, this water is made black and feculent earth.
 6. In the sixth​, the black earth stood above the water, and little by little it drowned in the bottom of the vessel.
 7. In the seventh​, the earth is dissolved again into water in the colour of oil.
 8. In the eighth​, the Dragon is born in his blackness, fed with his Mercury, killed, drowned in it, and the water is whitened.
 9. In the ninth​, the water is wholly purified from his
blackness and remains the colour of milk, as colours
appear in the blackness.


released January 12, 2019

Music and Lyrics by Kid MarsCat☆

964 Outsidr:
  Lead Vocals (track VI.)
  Producer (tracks I. to VIIII.)

Cata Martinez:
 Lead Vocals (II. III. and VIII.)
 Backing Vocals (VI.)

DJ E. Stiles (special guest)
 Turntables (IIII.)

"Thirst" is based on a true story.

MarsCat would like to say:

 this album was inspired by the music of Dizzee Rascal; Eduard Artemyev; Lustmord; Tyler, the Creator; Korn; Kool Keith; kid606; Melvins; Nine Inch Nails; Public Enemy; Kylie Minogue; Vincent & Mr. Green; the Prodigy; Keiichi Suzuki; NINGEN; Viper; Laibach; dälek; Giorgio Moroder; Hatsune Kaidan; Merzbow; Sean Lane Fuller; Secret Chiefs 3; Maison Book Girl; Lil Ugly Mane; Cramped Skunkman; Pigface; Dark Colour; Sam Kaplan; Chriddof; Doddodo; Atari Teenage Riot; Clipping.; Tentenko; Mindless Self Indulgence; Ichirou Agata; Psycheouts; Secret Chiefs 3; Rob Swift; Burzum; Einstürzende Neubauten; KMFDM and Negativland.

 thanks to my future husband d cat ♡ for being by my side in all past and future wars in love and kindness and devotion
 thanks to my mum for being there and for being proud of me ;ω;
 very special thanks to kid onion☆ for supporting the production of this release in more than one way ;ω;
 and many other thanks to all my friends on /twtr/ too nωn
 nothing but curses on the paths walked by petty thieves L.M. and C.P. — may you burn in hell
 and thank YOU for listening to this EP, may you be blessed by all that is mighty and glorious ♡☆


all rights reserved



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